Marriage, Couple and Relationship Counselling in Melbourne


With the current crisis requiring extra precautions, I am now offering consultation using Skype or phone instead of face-to-face. I am familiar with using both these methods with clients and they can be a satisfactory way of dealing with counselling issues. If you would like a phone or Skype session, call me on 0408733683.

Relationships are important! Good relationships support us throughout our life. They play a significant role in our emotional and physical health and satisfaction with life. Relationships affect not only us, but those around us including our wider family and our children. Even our friendships are influenced by how well our primary relationship is doing.

Unfortunately, few of us are taught how to sustain a good couple relationship. This is made harder, because we are all different, and these differences often lead to conflict. The result is that many couple relationships suffer difficulties and many end unnecessarily, whether couples are in a marriage, living together or dating.

Most problems, such as communication and conflict, can be resolved with effective marriage and relationship counselling, often more easily than couples believe. In my practice, I deal with all the issues that affect couples, including conflict, improving communication, repairing trust after an affair, parenting children and more. I have an interest in working with those who are experiencing chronic illness and their partners.

Relationship counselling offers couples the opportunity to talk about what concerns them in a safe, supportive environment. Couples can expect to be heard and assisted to hear and understand each other, especially with issues they may not have felt safe to raise previously. In the process they can be expected to treated respectfully and without judgement.

Who I see

While most relationship counselling is for couples, I also see individuals who may be single and wanting to better understand past relationships, including family relationships, or who want to think about how they can approach future relationships.

While most couples I see want repair or enhance their relationship, I also work with couples who are considering separation, to help make this process less stressful and more productive.

You can follow the Blog to read more about how I approach different issues.