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Paul Gale-Baker Relationship and Marriage Counsellor

"We are all different from our partner. Without understanding, these differences drive us apart. Effective relationship counselling gives couples the understanding and the tools to use these differences to enrich their lives and relationships."

Marriage, Couple and Relationship Counselling in Melbourne

Relationships are important! Good relationships support us throughout our life. They play a significant role in our emotional and physical health and satisfaction with life.

Unfortunately, few of us are taught how to sustain a good couple relationship. Because we are all different, these differences often lead to conflict. The result is that many couple relationships suffer difficulties and many end unnecessarily, whether couples are in a marriage, living together or dating.

Most problems, such as communication and arguing, can be resolved with effective marriage and relationship counselling, often more easily than couples believe. In my practice, I deal with all the issues that affect couples, including conflict, improving communication, repairing trust after an affair, parenting children and more. You can follow the Blog to read more about how I approach different issues.

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Few things are as painful and potentially destructive to a relationship as an affair. For many people, the hurt can be overwhelming and can mean a long-lasting rupture in the relationship, sometimes permanent separation. Well-meaning friends and relatives often reinforce

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Does Counselling Help Relationships?

Clients often ask if relationship counselling can really help a relationship. Because most of us are taught to believe that relationship is supposed to be easy, we have an unrealistic view of marriage and long-term relationships. When problems arise we

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We Fight So Much – Is There Any Hope For Us?

Couples who argue often ask if there is any hope for their relationship. In most cases couples who argue can learn to change these patterns and have a satisfying, intimate relationship. The key word here is ‘patterns’. Usually we see arguments