About Relationship and Marriage Counselling

Relationship-counselling Melbourne


With the current crisis requiring extra precautions, I am now offering consultation using Skype or phone instead of face-to-face. I am familiar with using both these methods with clients and they can be a satisfactory way of dealing with counselling issues. If you would like a phone or Skype session, call me on 0408733683.

Counselling for relationship and marriage helps couples to understand what isn’t working in their relationship. Together with a professional counsellor, they are able to develop strategies and approaches to the relationship to build a strong and successful relationship.

Couples I work with report that they are able to manage differences and resolve arguments more simply and without lasting hurt. Where there are past hurts, these can be resolved so they truly are in the past. They talk about feeling more connected and having a more intimate relationship.

People come to see me as couples or individually. They may be in a relationship, searching for a relationship or resolving issues about a previous relationship.

People come to couples counselling for a variety of reasons:

  • to help resolve problems in a current relationship
  • to resolve past hurts
  • to learn how to enhance their relationship
  • to learn how to improve their communication
  • to deal with affairs
  • to deal with wider family issues, including parenting
  • to understand how they can find a relationship
  • to help end a relationship
  • to help with issues around chronic illness

How counselling works

Counselling allows the couple to talk about issues which are difficult to express or which may otherwise lead to arguments. Counselling helps couples hear each other without arguing. With a skilled counsellor in the room, couples are able to manage their emotions better so that neither person feels attacked.

Counselling in following sessions will involve a range of possibilities, depending on the couple and the issues. It may be learning ways in which to have more connected and intimate relationships and strategies for managing difficult emotions. I will certainly include continuing to help the couple talk productively and to understand how to have better conversations. Each couple is different, so the approach must be tailored to them.

Central to my approach is checking with the couple that what we are doing is useful to them.

Who is counselling for?

Relationship counselling is for those in long-term couple relationships, marriage or those in new relationships who are deciding where to take the relationship. I see couples at my practice near Heidelberg, Melbourne.