Its easy to believe that creating a successful relationship requires special skills.

We seem to live in an age where experts are required to help us with all aspects of our life. However, many of the skills for building relationship are not at all complicated.

One of the most powerful is simple acts of appreciation. Appreciating our partner can

take many forms. We can give gifts, give our time, or use words. Appreciation doesnt have to be complicated. Whatever form it takes, all that is needed is sincerity. When we maintain a habit of

appreciation, it builds a stock of goodwill in the relationship. It creates an atmosphere that feels loving and supportive. Giving appreciation is the best way to encourage our partner to return the favour!

The goodwill created leads to a sense of security in the relationship which means that it is better able to ride out difficult times. Appreciation also has a potent effect on each persons sense of wellbeing, selfconfidence and self esteem.

When there has been a period of tension or arguing in a relationship it can be hard to feel appreciative. At these times the best thing we can do is to remind ourselves about  everything our partner has done which is positive and begin to find ways to show our appreciation.

So try it. Look past the immediate problems, open your mouth and say an appreciative word or two. While youre at it. Include the children, if you have any. If you want happy, cooperative kids praise and encourage them!