Angry couple

We Fight So Much – Is There Any Hope For Us?

Couples who argue often ask if there is any hope for their relationship. In most cases couples who argue can learn to change these patterns and have a satisfying, intimate relationship. The key word here is ‘patterns’. Usually we see arguments as being about something: one of you doesn’t do their ‘share’ of the housework you disagree on how the children are disciplined you don’t like the way your partner drives The list is endless! However, although there are issues which need to be discussed and resolved, arguments are more often not about the issue, but part of a pattern that arises automatically between the couple. How to tell if you… Read More

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Senior couple communicating

Communication 101

Sitting down to write this post is a reminder that good communication in a relationship is an absolute essential. The problem for most of us is that the simple word ‘communication’ covers such broad territory. At its simplest, communication is about choosing words which the listener will understand. Even at this level, we can still get into trouble. I often work with couples where the listener doesn’t understand exactly what their partner is saying – even in the therapy room. The next level of challenge in communication is to do with the way we process and give information. Personality Type (Are You My Type),  has a lot to do with this, since it… Read More

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