What to Expect From Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling can help couples find satisfaction.


With the current crisis requiring extra precautions, I am now offering consultation using Skype or phone instead of face-to-face. I am familiar with using both these methods with clients and they can be a satisfactory way of dealing with counselling issues. If you would like a phone or Skype session, call me on 0408733683.

When couples come to counselling, often they are not sure what to expect. Relationship, marriage and couple counselling helps couples to better understand problem areas in their relationship and guides them in resolving these. Many couples find that they regain the love they once had for each other through relationship counselling. They are able to create a more intimate relationship and live a more meaningful life.

Couple and relationship counselling is a collaborative process. My job is to approach your relationship problems in a non-judgemental, even-handed way. That means I work with you to help you achieve the best outcome for both of you.

I offer relationship and marriage counselling in the North-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

If you decide to work with me, I will offer you the best professional counselling help I am able. Our initial session will help understand what the issues are, outline how I can help, and give you an opportunity to decide if I am the right counsellor for you.

I work directly with the issues which are affecting you. Together we will develop an understanding of what is not working for you and develop tools and strategies to improve things.

  • You can expect to be treated with respect, courtesy, understanding and without judgement.
  • Your issues and all personal details will be treated with complete confidentiality.
  • You can expect to come to a better understanding of the causes of the issues you are facing and develop tools for resolving these issues.
  • If you are considering a deeper commitment to relationship, you can expect to gain clarity about whether this relationship is right for you.
  • If you are seeking a relationship, you can expect to understand the reasons you have not found a relationship you want and acquire the skills to do this.

Call (03) 9444 7427 or 0408 733 683 for an appointment.

What Happens in a Session

Relationship counselling involves discussing with the couple what their concerns are. Each person has an opportunity to say how they see the issues facing them. Once we understand what the problems are, we can talk about how best to deal with them. My job is to listen to each person and to help them approach problems in the best way to resolve them.

Couples can expect that I will listen to them without taking sides. My job is to work for both people and the relationship. My job is to create a safe environment for couples to express what they are feeling about the relationship. I make sure that what they say is not attacking or disrespectful, and help each person hear the other and understand them, even if they disagree with what is being said.

In general my job is to help the couple understand each other and find better ways to communicate and relate to each other.

Who is Couples Counselling Suitable For?

Couples counselling is suitable for anyone in relationship, whether marriage, other committed relationships or individuals deciding whether to commit more deeply to relationship. In my counselling, I meet people where they are in their lives and relationships and work towards an outcome that works for them.

It is also suitable about people wanting to understand their relationship patterns and how they can find a relationship the is more suitable for them.

I see clients for relationship counselling and marriage counselling in Macleod, near Heidelberg, Melbourne. People come either as couples or individually.